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Chinatown Washington DC

DEE Vegan Gluten Free Gummies 10 MG | 100MG

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DEE Vegan Gluten Free Gummies

Contains 10, 10mg vegan and gluten free gummies for a total of 100mg per package.


Smooth like Thai beach sand, the subtle & floral Lychee arouses tastebuds with a balanced waterfall of pear & watermelon essence.


An exotic bite to Bangkok awaits as the Mango’s many unique terps all come together. Imagine blending heavenly slices of peach, orange & cantaloupe with ice & palm trees: DEE’s signature Mango comes to life.


A tropical tsunami of juice drips brightly from the core of DEE’s guava. With floral undertones guiding the Guava, sour berry & pear flavor seeps from its pores.


As adorned as Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi Beach, DEE’s dexterous Pineapple carries waves of rippling candied flavor. Tart with a succulent aftertaste, dive into the center of sweetness with bliss.


Lush, tropic yet milky flavor awaits at the core of every giant Jackfruit. Like a blissful blend of Apples & Bananas, Jackfruit’s pungent, rare flavor shines like bright Thai night market lights.


“The Queen of Fruits” succulent taste teleports you on a long tail-boat straight to the mystic isles of Thailand. With notes of peach & strawberry marking her first move, the Mangosteen then drips with a vanilla aura like Thai azure waters.

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